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Greetings From Rector

Welcome to the website of UDINUS, Dian Nuswantoro University. Our university has rapidly grown and become provider of good-quality higher education. DINUS University is committed to delivering education for every industry and walk of life. In order to achieve international standards in providing education, we continuously make our best efforts to provide students with excellent facilities and course materials for a successful learning process.  Since completing the courses on time is one obvious warranty from us, any party is called out to give insightful guidance and services for the students to hold it. Furthermore, our human resources are specialized and dedicated to their profession, delivering knowledge and skill. Thus, we never stop creating academic atmosphere to help the students grow with their intellectual as well as emotional quotients. Possessing both excellent hard skill and soft skill for the students is seriously made up to win the global competition in the long run. Quite recently, we have added up some more international partners to cooperate with. This step was made to ensure any party that DINUS University is not only recognised locally as the…

Ijin Penyiaran : 234/KEP/M.KOMINFO/8/2008

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Kisah Sukses Jualan Hijab Via Online

Tsummadana Wulan

Hijab saat sudah menjadi salah satu trend mode di tanah air sehingga wanita tidak bosan mengenakan hijab yang itu-itu saja. Melihat peluang tersebut, Tsummadana Wulan (22) merintis karir dengan mendesain hijab dan menjualnya via online. Bahkan saat ini produknya sudah dipakai puluhan artis tan



Alan Nuari WS

Berawal dari tempat yang terhormat dan begitu mulia yaitu Fakultas Ekonomi Jurusan Akuntansi S1 Universitas Dian Nuswantoro Semarang. Kami seluruh mahasiswa akuntansi S1 khususnya saya Alan Nuari WS,dengan NIM B12.2008.01247 banyak sekali mendapatkan ilmu dan berbagai pengalaman belajar selama di


Mengabdi Sebagai Penyuluh KB Kabupaten Demak

Richi Eka Yanti

Menjadi alumni Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Udinus merupakan suatu kebanggaan tersendiri. Materi yang saya dapat di perkuliahan sangat membantu sekali dalam pekerjaan saya yang sekarang ini sebagai penyuluh Keluarga Berencana (KB). Kebetulan waktu penerimaan penyuluh KB baru hanya saya yang d


Tetaplah SEMANGAT dalam kuliah

Muhammad Irham Jamal

Kuliah di Prodi S1 KesMas Peminatan K3LI F.Kes Udinus sangatlah menjadikan tantangan tersendiri bagi saya untuk mengaplikasikannya, terutama saat dapat kesempatan untuk Magang di Perusahaan yang Bonafide. Ilmu yang kita peroleh sewaktu kuliah aplikasikanlah saat sedang magang dan belajarl


Character and soft skill are main points to work in real life

Bernadus Andre

Bernardus Andre Hernawan is a graduate of Udinus who has learned English language and literature in 8 semesters. Now he is currently working in banking industry as a staff of directorate of Trade Finance Operation in a bank with ASEAN reputation.

During his studies in Dian Nuswantor


Becoming one of top 167 World Universities

Anisa Larasati

I graduated from the Faculty Languages and Letters of Udinus. Right now I’m studying at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics of University of Malaya, Malaysia, which is the best university in Malaysia and is on the 167th from 700 reputable universities of Top World Universities ranki


A blind man, bachelor of literature with GPA of 3.46


Suryandaru is a blind person who studied in Dian Nuswantoro University via joint program between Dian Nuswantoro University and PERTUNI Regional Representatives Council of Central Java. PERTUNI (Persatuan Tunanetra Indonesia/Indonesian Blind Association) is an independent national organization


Conquer the world with language

Hery Pamungkas

Hery Pamungkas, was born in January 12th 1982, has been reporter, presenter, and producer of TV ku Semarang. He graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Letters and he has been working for TVku as a chief editor. He is so thankful for being a student of Udinus, s


Success is not a point

Nur Endhar Gustiarko

Alhamdulilah, I have finished my strata degree program in October 5th 2011. It’s been a fabulous moment of being Udinus student. Here I could improve not only my hard skill but also soft skill. I involved in student organizations; HMTI and BEM FASILKOM. I learned leadership wh


The author of “Security di Indonesia dan Malaysia”

Fauzi Adi Rafrastara

Fauzi Adi Rafrastara finished his elementary to senior high school in Rembang. He took Informatics Engineering in Udinus and became the best graduate. Then he got scholarship in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Malaysia and finished in 1,5 year. He also got scholarship from


Don’t be afraid to learn more and keep fighting to make everything better

Andik Setyono

was born in February 12th 1980. He earned Master Degree of Computer Science in Udinus, then he continued his study in Ph.D program in MMU Malaysia. Some international journals and Conference of Mobile technology of his have been published. In 2012 his study will have been finished, and he will


In madrasah qudsyiah Kudus, I started learning Information Technology

Fahri Firdausillah

Right now I am still studying  at the graduate program of Information and Communication Technology in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UteM). I was a programmer, database administrator and webmaster in Dian Nuswantoro University. If you think that I graduated from reputable senior hig


Run if you don’t want to be left behind

Nisa`ul Hafidhoh

Still on my mind, the moment when I joined ITB, and one of the lectures said ‘run if you don’t want to be left behind’. It makes me work and study harder and harder. I used to work overtime to finish my assignments, and finally I was able to finish my study. Firstly I felt di


The producer of TV Program “Tolong”

Apriyanto Nurdhani Putra Pamungkas Sari

I thank to God and my lecturers Udinus, since I got knowledge and priceless experiences. Although it took long time for me to finish my study in Udinus since I also worked, I realized that Udinus has become a part of my life to grab my dreams. I worked for Dream Light Word Media in 2005 then i


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